About Us

About Us

Efficient Operations are our speciality

As a physician or health care professional, you’ll benefit from a partnership with Surgical Management Professionals, LLC (SMP), a company with 30 years of proven expertise in single- specialty and multi-specialty surgery centers and specialty hospitals. At SMP, we leverage the expertise of our member physicians and executives to create opportunities for talented professionals like you who share our vision to own, control, and manage surgery care facilities.

A Healthy History of Surgical Center Expertise

When you partner with SMP, you’ll benefit from an organization that has adapted to meet and stay ahead of the ever-changing challenges of creating convenient, affordable access to patient care through state-of-the-art centers. The foundation for SMP was established with the Sioux Falls (SD) Surgical Center, the first multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center in South Dakota. The organization’s leadership team built a solid reputation for assisting in the development of surgical centers and surgical hospitals. Emerging as a separate, primarily physician-owned business entity in 2005, the SMP of today leverages the advantages of hospital and ASC experience plus surgeon ownership to assist you with a full scope of services. These services range from feasibility studies and development contracts to comprehensive ongoing contracts with surgical centers.

Creative Minds on A Mission

While SMP does not require equity ownership in our affiliated centers, we are ready and willing to act as a committed partner with you to become small equity owners in these facilities. To fulfill this mission, SMP will:

  • Assist in the development of a comprehensive surgical facility vision
  • Offer expertise in designing, building and operating a state-of-the-art surgical facility
  • Develop a culture of quality, service and efficiency
  • Manage the day-to-day challenges of a surgical facility, as well as the long term strategic positioning required for physician and community confidence
  • Provide a facility for physician owners and practitioners that stresses efficiency, demonstrates quality and encourages productivity

Our Business Model. Your Vision.

Our unique business model not only helps to set us apart from any competitive resource, it also reflects our dedication to helping you achieve success. We’ve been in your shoes, and because of this, we know what it takes to help you manage a productive and profitable future within a surgery center environment. We encourage you to think of us as:

A mentor

A partner

A Sounding board

as Someone who wants
you to succeed


Recently, SMP has been approached by mature centers to become an equity partner. The advantage of working with SMP is we firmly believe that a majority of the ownership should stay with local physicians. Our investment model is different than that of the publicly traded corporations. We allow local physicians the opportunity to invest with SMP, and we approach the transaction as a true partnership rather than as an owner-subsidiary model. Additionally, we bring expertise, rather than just money to the table.

Our development model is tailored to the unique needs of you and your community.
contact us today for more information on how SMP can benefit your facility.

Client Feedback

Traci Albers

Surgical Management Professionals is truly a unique management company. They not only provide the experience and leadership for your organization, but they also value their relationship with the centers they manage. We are able to receive immediate results and attention to our issues. SMP’s priority is what is in the best interest of the surgery center. SMP provides the full range of services from financial management to continuous quality management to infection control support and everything in between. They have the expertise in multiple areas to support us on a day-to-day basis. The executives that lead SMP are individuals that have actually worked in an ambulatory surgery center or specialty hospital setting; therefore, they understand the issues we face and can provide real-world solutions. In a day when reimbursement is getting tighter and cash flow is becoming more of a challenge, I can continue to rely on SMP’s business office to negotiate the best payer contracts, code claims with accuracy, and collect payments exceeding industry A/R standards. The staff that provide this service to our center are second-to-none.

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